Welcome to Heart of Stone

Welcome to Heart of Stone, a growing photographic showcase of Georgian Bay and the 30,000 Islands.  Here you’ll find the landscapes, history, and wildlife that define this magnificent region of the Canadian Shield, from windswept pines to glacier-carved granite and distant lighthouses standing lonely vigil against the night.

The Bay is home to national and provincial parks, wildlife both endangered and abundant, and a rich history of logging, fishing, and turn-of-the-century steamships.  Here we peel back these layers, exploring the mysteries of the Bay as they’ve never been seen before.

Moonrise Trees, Big McCoy Island, Georgian BayStanding groundhog, Byng Inlet, Georgian BayKey River Pier, Key River, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.Above, left to right:  silhouetted trees on Big McCoy Island, a Byng Inlet groundhog,
and derelict pilings on the Key River.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, the Bay has something to captivate everyone.  Welcome to Georgian Bay, the land with a heart of stone.


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