Ice Watch May 6 2014

Finally, winter has lost the battle.  Most of Georgian Bay is ice free, and temperatures (and forecast rain) over the next few days will take care of the rest.  Parry Sound is completely ice free, as is Snug Harbour.  There are thinning ice fields offshore with the potential to block access to areas if they shift around, but the ice is extremely rotten and should dissipate quickly.  See below for more imagery from May 6 2014.

Let the season commence!

Georgian Bay Ice Watch, May 6 2014, NOAA MODIS 250m
Above: the final Ice Watch image of the 2013/14 winter season. Note the thinning ice field south of Parry Sound. Source: NOAA Modis 250m True Colour.

Below:  images of the last ice of the season, offshore from the Snake Islands.  Last of the 2014 ice, Snake Islands, Georgian BayLast Ice Field of 2014, Snake Islands, Georgian BayRed Rock lighthouse and last ice of 2014, Snake Islands, Georgian Bay

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