Ice Watch April 5 2018

The season is off to a very slow start.  Temperatures continue to stay cold, with lows below zero forecast for the next two weeks.  April 7 will see a low of -10°C in Parry Sound.  Still, there have been improvements in the offshore ice conditions.  Both the north and eastern shorelines have marked a significant retreat, and the Killarney, French River, and Cognashene areas have shed huge amounts of ice cover.  The Minks are no longer bound by ice, and open water is appearing in Parry Sound and Port Severn.

The Sans Souci and Copperhead Association has handed their annual Sanderson Hat award to Claire and Remi Leblanc for being the first people out to open up their store on Fryingpan Island.  There is hope for the 2018 season.

Georgian Bay Icewatch, April 5 2018, NOAA MODIS 250mGeorgian Bay Ice Watch, April 5 2018, Canadian Ice Service daily ice chart - concentration

2 Responses to “Ice Watch April 5 2018”

  1. Bolt says:

    In my world the only thing ice is good for is chilling beer or margueritas

    • admin says:

      I’ll keep a chunk of frozen Sans Souci for you and you can make Daqueries with Old Man Winter in Bayfield. Or would you prefer some ice from the Minks?

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