Twilight over granite pools, Shirt Tails, Bustard Islands, French River, Georgian Bay

Shirt Tails

Twilight settles over the granite pools of the Shirt Tails, a lovely archipelago that borders the Outer Fox Islands in the northeast corner of the Bay. The Bustard islands lie on the horizon, here looking west.

American Mink, Chicken Liver Channel, Georgian Bay

Inlet to Inlet: Bayfield to Byng

Bayfield Inlet to Byng Inlet:  A Georgian Bay Sectional August 19 to 28, 2013 Charts:  Canadian Hydrographic Service Chart 2203 – Carling Rock to Byng Inlet (Sheet 3) Topographic Maps:   041H10 Naiscoot River Maps:  None Intersecting Trip Reports:  Byng Inlet to the Limestones and Back 1.  Bayfield Inlet to Chicken Liver Channel. 2.  Chicken Liver […]

Save Canada's Lighthouses Logo

Save Georgian Bay’s Lighthouses

The days are numbered for the iconic lighthouses that have defined the Georgian Bay landscape for over a hundred years. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has deemed them to be ‘surplus’, so many of the major lights on the Bay have either demolition or death by neglect in their future. Above:  twilight settles over […]

Map of Surplus and Heritage lighthouses on Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay Lighthouse Tracker

Resetting the Doomsday Clock A bit dramatic perhaps, but as of March 27, 2018, only one Georgian Bay lighthouse has been granted Heritage Status, leaving the rest to an uncertain fate (click here to find out what’s going on.)  Most Georgian Bay lights have been nominated for heritage status, but government deliberations are still ongoing and […]

Welcome to Heart of Stone

Welcome to Heart of Stone, a growing photographic showcase of Georgian Bay and the 30,000 Islands.  Here you’ll find the landscapes, history, and wildlife that define this magnificent region of the Canadian Shield, from windswept pines to glacier-carved granite and distant lighthouses standing lonely vigil against the night. The Bay is home to national and […]