Wildlife – Insect Life

Dragonfly wing details, Umbrella Islands, Georgian Bay


The delicate features of a dragonfly wing on the Umbrella Islands.

Wolf spider with babies, Snake Islands, Georgian Bay


Babies adorn the back of a mother wolf spider.

Monarch Butterflies, Mink Islands, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Negative One

Migrating Monarch butterflies travelling down the Mink Islands cluster on a pine tree. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:4461_Negative One_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:4461_Negative One_8x12:price:85:end]

Praying Mantis, Massassauga Provincial Park, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Mantis Praying

A praying mantis poses in front of a batch of spring flowers. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:9566 Mantis Praying_5x7:price:45:end] 8×10″ Print [wp_cart:9566 Mantis Praying_8x10:price:85:end]