Small World

Pale Corydalis, Snake Islands, Parry Sound, Georgian Bay

Pale Corydalis

A Georgian Bay Valentine. Pale Corydalis blooms on a gorgeous summer’s day on the Snake Islands, offshore from Parry Sound. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dragonfly wing details, Umbrella Islands, Georgian Bay


The delicate features of a dragonfly wing on the Umbrella Islands.

Wolf spider with babies, Snake Islands, Georgian Bay


Babies adorn the back of a mother wolf spider.

Mink skull, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay

Nightmare on Mink St.

A perfectly preserved mink skull reveals its details in the Sans Souci area of Georgian Bay.

Beaver stick, Big McCoy Island, Georgian Bay

Diagonal Chew

A beaver stick cuts across the strong rock formations of Big McCoy Island, at the top end of the Mink Island chain. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:4863_Diagonal Chew_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:4863_Diagonal Chew_8x12:price:85:end] 12×18″ Print [wp_cart:4863_Diagonal Chew_12x18:price:125:end] 16×24″ Print [wp_cart:4863_Diagonal Chew_16x24:price:165:end]

Broken Goose Egg, Mink Islands, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Broken Dreams

A broken goose egg sits empty in the dark water of a puddle on Green Island. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:5912_Broken Dreams_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:5912_Broken Dreams_8x12:price:85:end] 12×18″ Print [wp_cart:5912_Broken Dreams_12x18:price:125:end] 16×24″ Print [wp_cart:5912_Broken Dreams_16x24:price:165:end]

Flowering Waterlily, Franklin Island, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Floral Nova

A water lily opens up in perfect symmetry on the dark waters of Franklin Island. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:5990_Floral Nova_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:5990_Floral Nova_8x12:price:85:end]

Snail shell, North Limestone Island, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Snail Spiral

The delicate spirals of a sun-bleached snail shell amongst the dense groundcover of North Limestone Island. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:3645_Snail Shell_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:3645_Snail Shell_8x12:price:85:end]

Eggs in nest, Bottle Island, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.


Twin eggs sit in a beautifully-formed nest, made in a tuft of grass low to the ground. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:5318_Siblings_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:5318_Siblings_8x12:price:85:end] 12×18″ Print [wp_cart:5318_Siblings_12x18:price:125:end]