Ice Watch 2018

Georgian Bay Icewatch, April 23 2018, NOAA MODIS 250m

Ice Watch April 23 2018

The last Ice Watch for the next couple of days as April rains (and clouds) move in. Minimal changes along the north shore, but it looks like Byng Inlet and the area around Pointe au Baril are starting to soften. The greatest gains appear to be in the Massasauga Provincial Park, but a large ice […]

Georgian Bay Icewatch, April 20 2018, NOAA MODIS 250m

Ice Watch April 20 2018

The Bustards are truly islands again.  Open water is appearing in the Shawanaga inlet, and Parry Sound is thinning rapidly.  Victoria Harbour is shedding ice, and Sans Souci is opening up.  Will next week be The Week?  Stay tuned! And if you’re up in arms about how long the season is taking to start, fret […]

Georgian Bay Icewatch, April 10 2018, NOAA MODIS 250m

Ice Watch April 10 2018

A good satellite pass.  Incremental improvements:  the Bustards are almost islands again, Parry Sound is seeing more open water gains, and northeast Manitoulin is losing large areas of ice daily.  Twelve Mile Bay is still socked in at the mouth, but fibreglass hulls are starting to go into the water at some marinas.  Parry Sound […]

Georgian Bay Icewatch, April 5 2018, NOAA MODIS 250m

Ice Watch April 5 2018

The season is off to a very slow start.  Temperatures continue to stay cold, with lows below zero forecast for the next two weeks.  April 7 will see a low of -10°C in Parry Sound.  Still, there have been improvements in the offshore ice conditions.  Both the north and eastern shorelines have marked a significant retreat, […]

Georgian Bay Icewatch, March 25 2018, NOAA MODIS 250m

Ice Watch March 25 2018

Interior waterways are opening up around the Twelve Mile Bay area, and parts of Parry Sound are starting to free up. Temperatures are forecast to finally be warm for a few days straight (8°C on Wednesday!), so our guess is that people in Sans Souci will win the prize this year, in the first or […]

Georgian Bay Icewatch, March 23 2018, NOAA MODIS 250m

Ice Watch March 23 2018

What a difference a couple of weeks makes.  Northerly winds have compacted the surface ice against southern shorelines, and a large amount of the fast ice has disappeared.  Still, one could probably walk out to the Bustard Islands.

Georgian Bay Icewatch, March 6 2018, NOAA MODIS 250m

Ice Watch March 4 2018

Welcome to the Georgian Bay Ice Watch for 2018. The site was hacked so we’ve lost some historical data for 2016 and 2017, but we begin this Watch with very seasonal conditions.  The eastern and northern shores are socked in with heavy ice, and a fair amount of ice is drifting around the surface as […]