Ice Watch 2016

Georgian Bay Icewatch, April 8 2016, NOAA MODIS 250m

Ice Watch April 8, 2016

Old Man Winter retreats but slowly.  After the unwinter of 2015/26, Spring is taking her sweet time as Georgian Bay continues to suffer lows below seasonal averages.  Still, the Bay proper is completely clear of ice, and waterways are rapidly clearing out.  Satellites show fast ice remaining primarily in the extreme north. Compared to April 11 2015, we’re far […]

Georgian Bay Icewatch, March 19 2016, NOAA MODIS 250m

Ice Watch March 19 2016

We begin the Georgian Bay Ice Watch this year close to the Spring equinox, after the Unwinter of 2015-16.  Where the last two years saw the Bay freeze over completely, this season saw even inland ice seem sketchy.  Southern Ontario snowmobile trail maps were mostly a sea of red, with the vast majority of trails remaining […]