About Our Prints

No Inkjets Here
All of our imagery is custom printed on a Chromira LED printer, which uses high-resolution LEDs to expose photographic paper, which is then run through a traditional wet process.  Even though most of our material is digitally-sourced, the final result that you’ll receive is an archival-grade  photograph of uncompromising quality, not just another inkjet print that will fade over time.  Our 48″ wide panoramas are the closest you can get to the Bay without actually being there.

Bullfrog Eye, Massassauga Provincial Park, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.Not all of our imagery is available in all sizes.  Early digital cameras, if used properly, yielded excellent results. But some cameras that we’ve used and tested had limited resolution, and rather than blowing them up beyond their useable size we’ve simply limited the sizes available, so that all the prints we offer will be crystal-clear.

Finding the Perfect Image
Georgian Bay is a big place, and we’ve got a growing catalog of imagery.  There are three main ways to browse the Heart of Stone:

1.  Category. We’ve broken all of our imagery down into smaller categories.  Weather you love snakes or lighthouses (we certainly do), you’ll find a category just for you.

2.  Location. We currently offer imagery broken down into three main geographic regions:

The North Shore, from Killarney to Key River
The East Shore (North), from Key River to Point au Baril
The East Shore (Middle), from Point au Baril to Parry Sound
The East Shore (South), from Parry Sound to Port Severn

We also have special sections for offshore regions, like the Bustard or Western Islands.

3.  Size. Have an empty space on your wall that you want to fill?  Grab a measuring tape, and you can browse all of our imagery available in a specific size.  The only special note here is our Quad photography, which is available in any size (and we do mean any size, from postcards to billboards to trade show displays).  Contact us for any special sizing needs.

4.  Search. In the upper-right corner you’ll see the search field.  If you’re looking for something in particular (Beavers? Praying mantises?), just punch ‘er in and you’ll be presented with a list of all images that match your query.