No ParkingThe parking scenario has changed dramatically for the 2015 season.  Gone are the public lots at Snug Harbour and Bayfield Inlet, they’re now resident-only.  A $50 parking ticket will be issued (as I unfortunately found out) for parking in those lots.

SPECIAL BYNG INLET NOTICE:  Wright’s marina is no longer interested in launching or landing kayaks.  A definitively rude woman made this abundantly clear on my last voyage out (“I see you’re launching a kayak”).  Boy was she snarky, despite my having paid parking for a full ten days.   See below for parking places and current fees for the 2016 season:

Location Marina Phone Daily fee Launch fee
Snug Harbour Gilly’s (705) 342-5552 $7.50 Public dock
Dillon Dillon Cove Marina and Resort (705) 342-5431
Bayfield Inlet Thompson Marine (website currently offline) (705) 366-2235
Byng Inlet Ice Cream on the Rocks (705) 383-0955 $10.00 $4.00
Key River Key Marine Resort (705) 383-2308 $8.00 $5.00
Killarney Chikanishing Creek (permits at George Lake)  (705) 287-2900 $14.00

Let us know of your parking adventures, and we’ll keep this table updated.


  1. Pook guy says:

    How enforceable is this ticket?
    If I remember correctly, they also removed a handicap parking spot as well at the snug lot.

  2. admin says:

    I expect it’s as enforceable as any other ticket issued by a municipality. When it comes time to renew your vehicle registration, you’ll be forced to pay up. However, if you get there early parking at Gilly’s can be prime: covered parking in one of the boat barns means your car isn’t baking in the summer sun for the length of your trip.

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