No ParkingThe parking scenario has changed dramatically for the 2015 season.  Gone are the public lots at Snug Harbour and Bayfield Inlet, they’re now resident-only.  A $50 parking ticket will be issued (as I unfortunately found out) for parking in those lots.

SPECIAL BYNG INLET NOTICE:  Wright’s marina is no longer interested in launching or landing kayaks.  A definitely rude lady made this abundantly clear on my last voyage out (“I see you’re launching a kayak”).  Boy was she snarky, despite my having paid parking in full for ten days.   See below for parking places and current fees for the 2015 season:

Location Marina Phone Daily fee Launch fee
Snug Harbour Gilly’s (705) 342-5552 $7.50 Public dock
Dillon Dillon Cove Marina and Resort (705) 342-5431
Bayfield Inlet Thompson Marine (website currently offline) (705) 366-2235
Byng Inlet Ice Cream on the Rocks (705) 383-0955 $10.00 $4.00
Key River Key Marine Resort (website currently offline) (705) 383-2308 $10.00 $5.00
Killarney Chikanishing Creek (permits at George Lake)  (705) 287-2900 $14.00

Let us know of your parking adventures, and we’ll keep this table updated.


  1. Laura Tripp says:

    I met a lovely woman yesterday in Britt who is charging $10 for parking & launch from her waterfront place further out the mouth than Wrights / Ice cream on the rocks. It is $5 for every subsequent day. She also has a simple bunkie on the water that can sleep up to 5 and rents for $50 a night (outdoor showers, etc.) She gave me a card – Cheryl ( and cell-705-716-0811. Hope that helps her and kayakers out!

  2. admin says:

    I couldn’t get in touch with Cheryl, so parked again at Ice Cream on the Rocks. For Sale signs are up, so expect the Byng Inlet parking dynamic to change yet again for the upcoming 2018 season.

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