Ice Watch April 1, 2017

The Georgian Bay Ice Watch begins the 2017 Watch late this year, but after not much of a winter (ice-wise) there wasn’t much to see until now.  As of April 1 2017, fast ice still hangs tight in the entire northeast quadrant of the Bay, and the first traces of inland waterways freeing up are finally becoming apparent.

Parry Sound is predominantly open, but minor surface ice is is still shifting with the winds opening and closing bays and inlets depending on the direction.  A good guess would say that we’re exactly on track with 2016, about a week behind this report from April 8, where the Shawanaga Inlet was already clear, and so was Byng Inlet.

The current bet is to have paddles in the water by Easter, to hunt for easter eggs out on the Archipelago.
Georgian Bay Icewatch, April 1 2017, NOAA MODIS 250mGeorgian Bay Ice Watch, April 1 2017, Canadian Ice Service daily ice chart - concentration

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