Red Rock lighthouse with fresh paint job, Mink Islands, Parry Sound, Georgian Bay

Factory Fresh

The Red Rock lighthouse looks like it just came off the showroom floor with a fresh coat of paint from top to bottom. She hasn’t looked this good in years – thanks @coastguardcan!

Beaver swimming at twilight, Cathcart Islands, Parry Sound, Georgian Bay

Beaver Patterns

A beaver swims through the Cathcart Islands at twilight.

Stars over lighthouse, Doubletop Island, Western Islands, Georgian Bay

Stars Over Doubletop

Epic stars come out over the lovely octagonal lighthouse on Doubletop Island, in the remote Western Islands group.

Pale Corydalis, Snake Islands, Parry Sound, Georgian Bay

Pale Corydalis

A Georgian Bay Valentine. Pale Corydalis blooms on a gorgeous summer’s day on the Snake Islands, offshore from Parry Sound. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Deer portrait, Big McCoy Island, Georgian Bay

McCoy Alert

Proving that they’re great swimmers, a gorgeous deer bides its time offshore on Big McCoy Island. Deer were also spotted offshore in Cognashene and on the Cathcarts this season.

Comet Neowise over the Voyageur Channel, French River Provincial Park, Georgian Bay

Voyageur Neowise

Comet Neowise competes with the lights of Killarney over the Voyageur Channel, part of the French River provincial park.

Black bear standing on hind legs, Rogers Island, Georgian Bay

Bear Hug

A gorgeous black bear stands tall on Roger’s Island.

Comet Neowise and silhouetted tree, Cross Channel, French River, Bad River, Georgian Bay

Neowise Junction

Comet Neowise burns in the night sky over the Cross Channel, in the French River delta.

Moonlight over Doubletop Island lighthouse in winter, Western Islands, Georgian Bay

Doubletop Moonlight

The full moon lights up the lovely Doubletop Island octagonal lighthouse in mid December. November waves have washed away part of the walkway that you can see in the foreground.

Summer sun on undulating granite, Gaspar Island, Franklin Island, Georgian Bay

Granite Highway

Travel the granite highway. Take off your shoes, and let the summer rock warm your feet as the sun contemplates the western horizon.

Witching Hour over Red Rock Lighthouse, Mink Station, Georgian Bay

Witching Hour

The witching hour descends over the Red Rock lighthouse.

Common loon spreading its wings with chick, Twelve Mile Bay, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay

Uncommon Loon

A loon spreads its wings at the mouth of Twelve Mile Bay in late September. The chick behind it can’t yet fish for itself, so it’s a race against time for this chick to grow up before the end of the season.

Twilight over granite pools, Shirt Tails, Bustard Islands, French River, Georgian Bay

Shirt Tails

Twilight settles over the granite pools of the Shirt Tails, a lovely archipelago that borders the Outer Fox Islands in the northeast corner of the Bay. The Bustard islands lie on the horizon, here looking west.

Winter sunrise over lighthouse on Doubletop Island, Western Islands, Georgian Bay

Sunrise Fire

The January sun rises over the ice-encrusted lighthouse on Doubletop Island in the Western Island group while heavy steam shrouds the horizon during a -25°C cold snap.

Storm clouds over lighthouse, Gereaux Island, Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay

Gereaux Untitled

Clouds carry the threat of much-needed rain over the lighthouse on Gereaux Island. The next day would see uncontrolled forest fires burn just to the north, between Key River and Henvey Inlet.

Lighthouse under blue skies, Brebeuf Island, Beausoleil Island National Park, Georgian Bay

Brebeuf Primaries

The lighthouse on Brebeuf Island stands proud against a ridiculously blue sky.

Perseids over lighthouse and twin ranges, Bustard Rocks, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay

Perseids 2018

Perseid meteors streak over the unique lighthouse and twin ranges on the Bustard Islands.

Storm clouds over Cathcart Island, Parry Sound, Georgian Bay

Safe Harbour

Unsettled skies roll over the Cathcart Islands.

Sunset over patterned granite, Franklin Island, Georgian Bay

Franklin Track

The early May sun sets over the dramatic granite patterns on the western shore of Franklin Island.

Red Rock lighthouse on a sea of sparkling diamonds, Red Rock, Georgian Bay

Red Diamonds

The Red Rock begins the 2018 season sitting atop a sparkling sea of diamonds.

August stars over abandoned 1957 Chevy, Bourchier Islands, Georgian Bay

Driving the Infinite

August stars come out over the fabled Bourchier chevy.

Abandoned 1939 Pontiac, Granite Ridge Trail, Killarney Provincial Park, Georgian Bay

Killarney Relic

An abandoned 1939 Pontiac slowly settles into the forest floor on the Granite Ridge trail in Killarney Provincial Park.

Dancing loons, Twelve Mile Bay, Georgian Bay

Loon Dance

Loons dance on the unseasonably warm waters of Twelve Mile Bay in early October.

Solar eclipse of 2017 over lantern room of lighthouse, Gereaux Island, Georgian Bay

Gereaux Eclipse

The solar eclipse of 2017 passes totality over the lantern room of the Gereaux Island lighthouse.