Bustard Islands

Perseid meteors over lighthouse, Bustard Islands, Bustard Rocks, Georgian Bay

Perseids 2018

Perseid meteors streak over the unique lighthouse and twin ranges on the Bustard Islands.

Intertwined northern water snakes, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay

Double Double

Two northern water snakes keep a lookout next to a hibernaculum on the Bustard Islands.

Bear cub shaking off water, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay

Shake Yer Booty

A bear cub shakes water off after a swim on the Bustard Islands, close to the Bustard Rocks lighthouse.

Bustard Rock lighthouse and twin ranges, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay


Late August light hits the lighthouse and unique twin ranges on the Bustard Rocks.

Star trails over lighthouse and ranges, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay

Bustard Trails 2011

 Summer stars streak over the light and twin ranges of the Bustard Islands, lit by the rising August full moon. 5×7″ Print 8×12″ Print 12×18″ Print 16×24″ Print

Lighthouse and ranges, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay

Bustard Light 2011

The Bustard Islands light and twin ranges glow in the hues of sunset.  Built in 1893, the ranges helped direct shipping traffic to and from the French River system. Click image to view larger. 36″ wide panoramic print 48″ wide panoramic print

Bustard Island range, Bustard Island, Georgian Bay

Bustard Island Range

One of the ranges of the Bustard Islands rises above a colourful jumble of Georgian Bay spring flowers. 5×7″ Print   8×12″ Print   12×18″ Print  

Bustard Island lighthouse panorama, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay

Pea Soup Bustards

Dense fog socks in the Bustard Island lighthouse and ranges in this 360° panorama. 36″ wide panoramic print  48″ wide panoramic print

Bullfrog, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Bullfrog Reflections

A bullfrog sits reflected in a small pool of water on the Bustard Islands. 5×7″ Print 8×12″ Print