Wildlife – Snakes

Intertwined northern water snakes, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay

Double Double

Two northern water snakes keep a lookout next to a hibernaculum on the Bustard Islands.

Massasauga Rattlesnake, Massasauga Provincial Park, Georgian Bay

Massasauga Sniff

An endangered Massasauga rattlesnake sniffs the air, on a portage in Massasauga Provincial Park’s Spider Bay.  This was the largest Massasauga that I’ve ever seen, around one metre in length.

Northern water snake, Umbrella Islands, Georgian Bay


A northern water snake basks in the sun on the Umbrella Islands.

Coiled Massasauga Rattlesnake, Beausoleil Island, Georgian Bay

Baby’s Rattle

A Massasauga rattlesnake coils up on the aptly named Massasauga Trail on Beausoleil Island, displaying its six-segment rattle.

Garter Snake, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

The Lidless Eye

Underneath an early spring garter snake, lit like a spotlight from the sun filtering through tall grass. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:3258_The Lidless Eye_5x7:price:45:end] 8×10″ Print [wp_cart:3258_The Lidless Eye_8x10:price:85:end]

Eastern Fox Snake, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Foxy Lady

A closeup portrait of a beautiful eastern fox snake descending a rock face in the Sans Souci area. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:5575_Foxy Lady_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:5575_Foxy Lady_8x12:price:85:end] 12×18″ Print [wp_cart:5575_Foxy Lady_12x18:price:125:end] 16×24″ Print [wp_cart:5575_Foxy Lady_16x24:price:165:end]

Northern water snake, Outer Fox Islands, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Water Snake Eyes

A northern water snake rests after a meal on the Outer Fox Islands.  

Eastern fox snake, Jones Island, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Surface Tension

An eastern fox snake floats perfectly reflected on the calm waters of a high-pressure system.