Wildlife – Birds

Common loon spreading its wings with chick, Twelve Mile Bay, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay

Uncommon Loon

A loon spreads its wings at the mouth of Twelve Mile Bay in late September. The chick behind it can’t yet fish for itself, so it’s a race against time for this chick to grow up before the end of the season.

Sandhill crane landing in heavy fog, Cathcart Islands, Georgian Bay

Instrument Approach

A sandhill crane comes in for landing during heavy fog  over the Cathcart Islands.

Dancing loons, Twelve Mile Bay, Georgian Bay

Loon Dance

Loons dance on the unseasonably warm waters of Twelve Mile Bay in early October.

Perched bald eagle, Outer Fox Islands, Georgian Bay


A bald eagle perches on a dead tree in the Shirt Tails, directly south of the Outer Fox Islands.

Ruby-throated hummingbird, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay


A ruby-throated hummingbird defies gravity, neck feathers perfectly displayed in the late June sunlight.

Sandhill Cranes, Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill cranes forage in the wetlands around Byng Inlet.

Common tern in flight, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay

Cry on Blue II

A common tern flies overhead in Sans Souci.

Loon Chick, Wreck Island, Georgian Bay

Loon Chick I

A loon chick swims off of Wreck Island, in Massassauga Provincial Park.

Cormorant, Key River Pier, Georgian Bay

Cormorant Pose

A cormorant dries its wings on a long-derelict piling at the mouth of the Key River. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:5588_Cormorant Pose_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:5588_Cormorant Pose_8x12:price:85:end] 12×18″ Print [wp_cart:5588_Cormorant Pose_12x18:price:125:end] 16×24″ Print [wp_cart:5588_Cormorant Pose_16x24:price:165:end]

Ringbilled gull, Big McCoy Island, Georgian Bay


A ringbill gull perches on a rock on Big McCoy Island, at the top end of the Mink Island chain. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:4853_Rockgull_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:4853_Rockgull_8x12:price:85:end] 12×18″ Print [wp_cart:4853_Rockgull_12x18:price:125:end] 16×24″ Print [wp_cart:4853_Rockgull_16x24:price:165:end]

Great Blue Heron, Franklin Island, Georgian Bay

Franklin Blue

A great blue heron takes flight in the waning hours of the day on Franklin Island. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:4937_Franklin Blue_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:4937_Franklin Blue_8x12:price:85:end]

Cormorant fledgling, Norgate Inlet, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Fledgling Fuzz

A cormorant fledgling waits in its nest for its parents to return with lunch, offshore from the Norgate Inlet. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:5139_Fledgling Fuzz_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:5139_Fledgling Fuzz_8x12:price:85:end] 12×18″ Print [wp_cart:5139_Fledgling Fuzz_12x18:price:125:end] 16×24″ Print [wp_cart:5139_Fledgling Fuzz_16x24:price:165:end]

Great Blue Heron, Wreck Island, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Great Blue Heron

Wingtip feathers outstretched, a great blue heron takes flight from Wreck Island. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:6823_Great Blue Heron_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:6823_Great Blue Heron_8x12:price:85:end]

Merganser ducks, Key River, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Key River Mergansers

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