Wildlife – Amphibians

Painted turtles basking on rock, Bottle Island, Georgian Bay

Triple Trouble

Painted turtles bask on a rock near Bottle Island.

Five lined skink, Naiscoot River, Georgian Bay

Skink Blues

The tail of a five lined skink glows bright blue in the Chicken Liver Channel, at the mouth of the Naiscoot River.

Frog sitting on lilypad, Philip Edward Island, Georgian Bay

Lilypad Life

A frog sits perfectly reflected on a lilypad off the south shore of Philip Edward Island.

Painted turtle, Centre Island, Toronto Islands


A painted turtle basks on a log in the sun, perfectly cantilevered over the water. 5×7″ Print 8X12″ Print 12X18″ Print 16X24″ Print

Bullfrog Eye, Massassauga Provincial Park, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Look Into My Eye

A bullfrog’s eye reflects the camera in a please-hold-still extreme closeup. 5×7″ Print 8×10″ Print

Bullfrog, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Bullfrog Reflections

A bullfrog sits reflected in a small pool of water on the Bustard Islands. 5×7″ Print 8×12″ Print