Ice Watch 2015

Georgian Bay Ice Watch, April 24 2015, NOAA Modis True Colour 250m

Ice Watch April 24 2015

The jig is up:  Much of the Georgian Bay surface ice is disappearing, and the lower half of the Bay looks to be entirely ice free.  Hamer Bay Marine already has a boat in the water, and we expect to jump out of Snug Harbour next weekend.  Compare this to last year, and you can […]

Georgian Bay Icewatch, April 19 2015, NOAA Modis 250m

Ice Watch April 19 2015

Much of the western Bay, and the very southern portion, are primarily ice free.  Fast ice still chokes the north and eastern shorelines.  We continue to be about ten days ahead of last year. New to the Icewatch are corresponding ice charts from the Canadian Ice Service, shown here for all of the eastern great […]

Georgian Bay Icewatch, April 11 2015

Ice Watch April 11 2015

Wonderful progress in the last few days, especially when compared with the same time last year. Owen Sound has cleared out, fast ice continues to retreat all around, and the main ice pack is thinning rapidly.  Forecasts of above-zero weather for the Parry Sound area seem to be keeping us right on track to have […]

Georgian Bay Icewatch, March 31 2015, NOAA Modis 250m

Ice Watch March 31 2015

Finally a direct comparison between conditions of March 31 in both 2014 and 2015.  There’s substantially less ice cover than last year, and fast ice along the shoreline is already in retreat. Click here to view March 31, 2014. Temperatures in the Bay area are trending upwards, with lows above zero forecast by mid-April for […]

Georgian Bay Ice Watch, Mar 23 2015, NOAA MODIS 250m

Ice Watch March 23, 2015

A glance at the latest satellite imagery shows Georgian Bay to be roughly a week ahead of 2014 in terms of ice-out, possibly more.  The fast ice is already receding, and the main ice pack appears to be thinning despite continued cold nightime temperatures in the region. Another week will tell, but compare to this […]

Georgian Bay Ice Watch, Feb 19 2015, NOAA MODIS 250m

Ice Watch February 19 2015

Dateline February 2015, and a cold snap has finally frozen Georgian Bay clear across. Fast ice extends out to the Westerlies and the Limestone Islands.  Spring breakup 2015 could repeat 2014, when ice was still evident in May. Source: NOAA MODIS True Colour 250m