Comet Neowise over Bustard Rocks panorama, Bustard Islands, Georgian Bay

Bustard Neowise

Comet Neowise competes with the setting moon and the lights of Sudbury over the unique lighthouse and twin ranges of the Bustard Rocks.

Rogue wave over Red Rock lighthouse, Parry Sound, Mink Islands, Georgian Bay


A wave completely dwarfs the Red Rock lighthouse during a December storm. A good day to be off the water.

Summer sun on undulating granite, Gaspar Island, Franklin Island, Georgian Bay

Granite Highway

Travel the granite highway. Take off your shoes, and let the summer rock warm your feet as the sun contemplates the western horizon.

Common loon spreading its wings with chick, Twelve Mile Bay, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay

Uncommon Loon

A loon spreads its wings at the mouth of Twelve Mile Bay in late September. The chick behind it can’t yet fish for itself, so it’s a race against time for this chick to grow up before the end of the season.

Progression of 2017 solar eclipse over lighthouse, Gereaux Island, Georgian Bay

Eclipse Over Gereaux

The solar eclipse of 2017 progresses over the lighthouse on Gereaux Island.

Close black bear portrait, Dead Island, Georgian Bay

High Alert

A black bear gazes curiously into the camera on Dead Island, before scampering off into the forest.

1957 Chevy, Bourchier Islands, Georgian Bay

End of the Line

The fabled Bourchier Chevy, painted with light, glows on the bare rock of the Canadian Shield as the stars come out over Georgian Bay.

Flowering Waterlily, Franklin Island, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Floral Nova

A water lily opens up in perfect symmetry on the dark waters of Franklin Island. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:5990_Floral Nova_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:5990_Floral Nova_8x12:price:85:end]

Mink, Point au Baril, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Offshore Mink III

A curious mink peers around a rock, offshore from Point au Baril. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:9721_Offshore Mink III_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:9721_Offshore Mink III_8x12:price:85:end] 12×18″ Print [wp_cart:9721_Offshore Mink III_12x18:price:125:end]

Windswept pine at Sunset, Outer Fox Islands, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

G7 Sunset

A windswept pine sits in lovely silhouette at sunset. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:9451_G7 Sunset_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:9451_G7 Sunset_8x12:price:85:end] 12×18″ Print [wp_cart:9451_G7 Sunset_12x18:price:125:end]

Snug Harbour Lighthouse, Snug Harbour, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Snug Harbour Light

The Snug Harbour lighthouse glows in the hues of sunset. Photographed as a quad, this image is available in any size — for custom sizes contact us. 5×7″ Print [wp_cart:Quad_Snug Harbour Light_5x7:price:45:end] 8×12″ Print [wp_cart:Quad_Snug Harbour Light_8x12:price:85:end] 12×18″ Print [wp_cart:Quad_Snug Harbour Light_12x18:price:125:end] 16×24″ Print [wp_cart:Quad_Snug Harbour Light_16x24:price:165:end]

Eastern fox snake, Jones Island, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Surface Tension

An eastern fox snake floats perfectly reflected on the calm waters of a high-pressure system.