Christmas Boutique 2020

Summer sun on undulating granite, Gaspar Island, Franklin Island, Georgian Bay

Granite Highway

Travel the granite highway. Take off your shoes, and let the summer rock warm your feet as the sun contemplates the western horizon.

Common loon spreading its wings with chick, Twelve Mile Bay, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay

Uncommon Loon

A loon spreads its wings at the mouth of Twelve Mile Bay in late September. The chick behind it can’t yet fish for itself, so it’s a race against time for this chick to grow up before the end of the season.

Winter sunrise over lighthouse on Doubletop Island, Western Islands, Georgian Bay

Sunrise Fire

The January sun rises over the ice-encrusted lighthouse on Doubletop Island in the Western Island group while heavy steam shrouds the horizon during a -25°C cold snap.

Storm clouds over Cathcart Island, Parry Sound, Georgian Bay

Safe Harbour

Unsettled skies roll over the Cathcart Islands.

Progression of 2017 solar eclipse over lighthouse, Gereaux Island, Georgian Bay

Eclipse Over Gereaux

The solar eclipse of 2017 progresses over the lighthouse on Gereaux Island.

Sunset over granite patterns, Franklin Island, Georgian Bay

Franklin Wild II

The April sun sets over the fantastic granite of Franklin Island’s western shoreline.

Close black bear portrait, Dead Island, Georgian Bay

High Alert

A black bear gazes curiously into the camera on Dead Island, before scampering off into the forest.

Perfect sunset behind Red Rock lighthouse, Mink Islands, Georgian Bay

Sailor’s Delight

A dramatic sky frames the August sun setting directly behind the Red Rock lighthouse.

Ruby-throated hummingbird, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay


A ruby-throated hummingbird defies gravity, neck feathers perfectly displayed in the late June sunlight.

Twilight over Red Rock lighthouse, Mink Islands, Georgian Bay

Red Rock Blues

A fantastical twilight descends upon the Red Rock lighthouse, standing lonely vigil at the south end of the Mink Islands.

Striated granite, Snake Islands, Georgian Bay


Dramatic patterns line the western shoreline of the Snake Islands.

Windswept pine tree and star trails, Killbear Provincial Park, Georgian Bay

Starry Night

The iconic windswept pine tree at Killbear Provincial Park frames the celestial equator as the night streaks by.

Moonrise Trees, Big McCoy Island, Georgian Bay

Night Shelter

The rising moon competes with the night sky over Big McCoy Island, silhouetted through classic Georgian Bay trees.

Jones Island Lighthouse, Jones Island, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Jones Island Lighthouse

The Jones Island lighthouse perches high above smooth granite formations.  

Eastern fox snake, Jones Island, Georgian Bay. Photo by Sean Tamblyn.

Surface Tension

An eastern fox snake floats perfectly reflected on the calm waters of a high-pressure system.